Congress Call


Distinguished Scientists,

Vth International Tourism And Cultural Heritage Congress, 2023 will be held in Marmaris between 08-12 November 2023 in cooperation with Alanya University, Samarkand Silk Road University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage and Bayan-Olgii Mongolian State University of Education. The congress will be held at Orka Lotus Beach Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in Marmaris.

 International Tourism and Cultural Heritage Congress is a congress that brings together on a common platform the parties working with interdisciplinary approaches to these issues with themes such as the protection of Turkey's cultural heritage and art accumulation, the opening of these assets to national and international tourism and transforming them into an attraction area in terms of tourism, in order to promote cultural and natural assets, to transfer them from generation to generation and to create an awareness in our young generation, which is our future, to protect our universal heritage.

 We invite academicians and researchers working in the fields of Social Sciences, Tourism, Culture, History, Literature, Archaeology to contribute to our congress with original academic studies.

 Invited scientists from at least 5 different countries will participate in our congress and the criteria of the relevant regulations will be tried to be met. Participating academicians will participate by choosing oral or poster presentation themselves. The language of the congress is Turkish, Turkic Dialects and English. Participants can participate in the congress with a maximum of 3 (three) papers but can only present two papers.

 The papers presented in the congress will be entitled to be presented in the congress and to be included in the Proceedings Book after approval by two Scientific Committee Members (Referees).

- Depending on the author's request, abstract, full and poster papers will be published electronically in the Congress Proceedings Book with ISSN after completing these processes.

- Or it can be published as an article in the contracted international journal by meeting the conditions of the journal (by providing the referee process of the journal and paying the discounted fee for our congress).

Our Congress Contracted International Journals; (Click here to see the journal)

- Journal of Tourism Intellegience and Smartness

- International Journal of Turkology

- ROMAYA Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Approach Research

We would be happy to see you, our esteemed scientists, in Marmaris, the paradise corner of our country, and we wish you ease and success in your work.


Congress Management